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We have created this site in order to help those who still suffer from Sex and Relationship Addiction. Whether you are worried about yourself, a friend, or a loved one, there are resources available to help. Below you will find information about all the 12 - Step Sex Addiction Recovery meetings in Central Ohio.

Because of the taboo surrounding talk about sex and sexuality in our society, Sex and Relationship Addicts often feel alone, believing that there is no one who would understand their problems. Some of us suffer from an addiction to pornography or anonymous sex. Some of us suffer from addiction to sex with prostitues or to cross-dressing, while others suffer from an addiction to people who are addicted to Sex. Some of us have faced serious financial, emotional, professional, or legal consequences because of our problems with Sex. But all of us have come to know a new freedom from our addictions through the practice of the 12 - Steps and the fellowship we have found in our meetings.

Below you can find links to a schedule of meetings in and around the Columbus area. If you would like to know more about a particular group please select one of the buttons.

NOTICE: All current meetings in the Columbus area are closed - they are only for sex addicts (or, in the case of COSA and S-Anon, only for those whose lives have been affected by the sex addiction of another).

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